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At Bonne Santé we understand how the power of nature can boost your body’s natural immunity and support systems, enhancing your health and vitality.

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Bonne Santé Group, Inc. (“BSG” or the “Company”) is an early stage Delaware corporation incorporated on February, 8, 2017. Structured as a holding company, the Company is engaged in the acquisition, operation and sales of a broad spectrum of nutraceutical and related products. To drive growth and earnings, the Company will develop proprietary products as well as acquire other brands. On March 8, 2018, the Company completed the acquisition of Millenium Natural Manufacturing Corp. and its affiliates, a state-of-the-art nutracuetical manufacturing facility.


Millenium Natural Manufacturing Corp. (“Millenium” or the “Company”) was founded in 1998 by Ada L. deQuesada. Operating from a 22,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility in Doral, FL, the Company manufactures nutraceutical products such as vitamins, sports nutrition, and other health supplements. Millenium has evolved into a comprehensive nutraceutical contract and private label manufacturing company. Since its inception, its focus has been on combining sustainable and affordable business practices with a high level of quality assurance for its products. Millenium established its success on sound business relationships with hundreds of clients from the United States, South and Central America, and Europe. This led to Millenium being recognized by the United States Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service, with the Export Achievement Certificate for accomplishments in the global marketplace. Millenium has earned a reputation as makers of quality supplements with over 700 formulas in the Company’s database. The Company was recently nominated for the Top 100 Minority Business award by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Millenium, Inc. is a Florida S corp. Since its acquisition, the Company begun actively developing a broad array of new products to be marketed under the Bonne Santé brand, with an emphasis on CBD offerings. The Company is also developing a robust online marketing group which will operate from the Millenium facilities.

Our Founders

William Nicholson

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Message from our CEO - William Nicholson

I’d like to welcome you to Bonne Santé Group, a newly formed holding company with an overarching commitment to good health and a mission to provide safe and effective products for the global market-place. We are engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of world-class, nutraceutical products and next-generation delivery technologies that will not only address current and proven consumer trends but will lead the industry with new concepts for health products to benefit adults and families everywhere.

I have already witnessed the growth and investor value that can be created when companies successfully address the inherent human desire for good health and vibrant life. I’ve spent a substantial part of my career developing high-value nutritional products and bringing their attendant health benefits to the marketplace. As a principal architect of Amway’s steep growth in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, when I helped drive revenues to over $4 billion, vitamins and supplements were a primary focus of mine. We positioned Nutrilite as Amway’s cornerstone nutritional and nutraceutical brand; now it’s the number one line of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements in the world. In the years following my executive service at Amway (I remain as an advisor to the board of directors and a committed fan of the company), I have worked closely with many organizations— academic, medical and commercial—that are leading the science and development of products for health and wellness. Bonne Santé is the culmination of a lifetime of business experience and development of trusted contacts in the nutraceutical world, both in terms of health and commercial value.

Even in our infancy, Bonne Santé has attracted an outstanding leadership team whose members bring decades of practical experience and success in all of the disciplines necessary to launch what we believe will be an international powerhouse. Our team’s skills range from the science of nutraceuticals to finance and capital markets, manufacturing and sales, data management and direct marketing. I am unequivocal in my belief that the two most important metrics by which a company’s success must be determined are earnings and growth. As Chairman, I want to assure our prospective partners and shareholders that Bonne Santé will remain committed to growth in revenue, growth in earnings and ultimately growth in shareholder value while maintaining the highest standards for quality and safety in every product we develop.

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