Innovation is in our nature

At Bonne Santé we understand how the power of nature can boost your body’s natural immunity and support systems, enhancing your health and vitality.

About health and wellness.

We are engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of world-class, nutraceutical products and next-generation delivery technologies that will not only address current and proven consumer trends but will lead the industry in the years ahead.  As we continue to innovate, we have an overarching commitment to improving the health and overall wellness for our loyal customers, their children and families everywhere.

Our Founders


William Nicholson

One of the most experienced executives leading multi-billion-dollar health and supplement companies, Mr. Nicholson was the former Chief Operating Officer of Amway, where he helped drive revenue from $1 billion to $4 billion in the 80’s and 90’s. Over the years he has been a key decision-maker and leading force behind products sold by Twinlab Corporation, Metabolite, Alvita Tea, Nature’s Herbs, Cole Water, Dr. Greene and NutriScience, along with expertise in contract manufacturing for some of the world’s largest nutraceutical brands and global product launches.

Founder Name

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Founder Name

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Message from the Board - William Nicholson

I’d like to welcome you to Bonne Santé Group, a company with an overarching commitment to good health and providing the highest quality vitamins and supplements to the global market-place.

I’ve spent a substantial part of my career developing high-quality nutritional products and bringing their attendant health benefits to the marketplace. As a principal architect of Amway’s steep growth in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, when I helped drive revenues to over $4 billion, vitamins and supplements were a primary focus of mine.

In the years following my executive service at Amway, I have worked closely with many organizations— academic, medical and commercial—that are leading the science and development of products for health and wellness. Bonne Santé is the culmination of a lifetime of business experience and development of trusted contacts in the nutraceutical world, both in terms of health and commercial value.

As Chairman of the company, my mission is to make sure Bonne Santé continues its pursuit of excellence and delivers the highest standards for quality and safety in every product we develop.

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